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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 2, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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shooting in turkey where 39 people are killed. today expected to fly back to our area. going for the ender inciarte zone. him a new year, everyone. issued a first alert this morning. threat of freezing rain. and the slick conditions for this morning's commute. start with meteorologist bell with the nbc first alert. >> good morning, bill. >> good morning. temperatures borderline in many neighbors this morning. have rain moving in. lehigh valley of the suburbs and some neighbors in new jersey seeing temperatures below freezing. 8 clonk:00 this morning, it will be warming up. most neighbors will not see any freezing rain. colder neighbors will get
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phrasing rain which will lead to icy sidewalks and ice on untreated roads. not everyone is going to see that. the spots in new jersey and in to the suburbs and the lehigh valley that are going too see some ice to start with. first thing this morning, not all morning long, 33 in lehigh valley. that number is starting to climb. 37 in philadelphia. rain falling in delaware and south jersey is not an issue at all. temperatures have been climbing. couple degrees above freezing in unionville. right at 33 for west bradford township. below freezing in collegeville and look at bedminster, 31 degrees. some neighbors just cold enough so when the rain moves in, we will see icing to start with. it's not going to be an all-day rain. these are afternoon temperatures. into the 40s this afternoon. only first thing this morning
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running into slippery spots. jessica boyington standing by with first look at traffic. >> thanks, bill. starting out on the expressway this morning. construction we typically see all clear. haven't had it closing down the roads this morning. right now watching the expressway, camera right around 24th street. clearly wet is an issue right now. might start to see a little accident or some incident pop up later on in the morning. commute especially on the on off ramp. typically where we see the most problems when we have the roads looking like this. watching 95 here, no problems. actually cleared out of the way. not seeing the major lane restrictions anymore. southbound to the vines expressway. >> thank you, jessica. we have issued a first alert in parts of our area this morning because of threat of freezing rain. >> bill spoke about. lehigh valley and suburbs and
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parts of south jersey could see slick roads over the next couple of hours. let's check back in. matt, tell us where you are and what the conditions are like where you are. delieu ucia temperature. here's an example. you can see the delays here right on the hood of the vehicle here. this is exactly what you might be experiencing here with the freezing rain. it's going to fall as liquid precipitation. fall as rain. then once it hits the cold surfaces, surfaces might be below freezing. especially if you're driving and you got a little bit of that wind that is picking up because of the speed of your vehicle. might cause that glazing on your car. we got a little bit of it on the windshield as well. that's what you might be experiencing. right here on the ground, might
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see some rain drops here. the ground, we're not seeing too much of slick spots. again, bill was telling us here in doug lalasdouglasville, it's degrees. here's 422. see we've seen some of the vehicles here. they've got the wipers on, and, of course, you got to be careful as you're driving conditions like these. head down towards collegeville right now. live in douglasville, nbc 10 news. make sure you have the free nbc app to check and track the freezing rain as it moves into our area. also customize the forecast and get weather alerts and breaking news. free down load available right now. >> it's 5:04 right now. following breaking news in frankfurt neighborhood. happened about 130 this morning. live look at the scene right now with police telling us. two men entered this home and
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injured a man there. he is in the hospital. a woman with him is now talking to detectives at the special victims unit. police say the men got away and nothing was taken from the home, but we are continuing to monitor the situation. stay with nbc 10 app for updates on breaking news. we have nor breaking news. this time from major seas. 18 people dead in a suicide bombing in iraq. police say the bomber used a pickup truck to attack an outdoor food market. comes as the president of france begins official visit to iraq. bombing has all the hallmarks of an isis attack. this morning isis is claiming responsibility for the nightclub attack in turkey. the only american hurt in the terror attack is expected to arrive home to delaware later today. jack was shot in the leg in the attack. 39 other victims died. surveillance cameras captured the gunman shooting his way into the nightclub in istanbul sunday morning. killed a police officer and a person on the street before
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getting into the club and continued shooting as people -- as many people as possible. he was loaded into an ambulance after being hit in the leg. now lives and owns a business in delaware. nearly two-thirds of the dead were foreigners. gunman got away in a massive manhunt continues for him this morning. coming up in the next half hour, hear from the local victim of the attack. >> president elect donald trump is back in new york and getting back to business wl the presidential transition. over the weekend, mr. trump trump talked with reporters, and, again, cast down on the u.s. intelligence view that russia is behind the election year hacking. meantime president obama returns from his vacation in hawaii today. meet with congressional democrats wednesday to talk about strategy to protect obamacare.
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trump is vowing to repeal the president's signature health care law and slug shrugging off the meeting. >> after that, it's our turn. so let's see what happens. it's a new year and a new era in washington. work is underway setting the stage for mr. trump to take the oath of office in just 18 days. the eagles are ringing in the new year with a victory. >> of course comes against the hated dallas cowboys. >> he's going for the end zone. he's got a touchdown. >> nice catch. helped the birds win season finale. quarterback carson wents looking forward to next year. >> building something special. we believe that in the locker room. it will be time to go when we come back. i'm excited for the future.
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>> wents even ran a touchdown ball over to new buddy. mike trout. american league mvp also with the eagle season ticketholder. big fan. >> 2016 eagle season. check out carson wens report cart. last season let kelly go. failed to win a playoff game. happening today, penn state football fans in pasadena for the tournament of roses parade could be in for rare rainy weather there. see the parade beginning at 11:00 a.m. this morning. play ufc at the rose bowl this
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afternoon at 5:00. >> local researcher trying to end childhood cancer. doctor of children hospital of philadelphia developed a cancer fighting treatment credited with saving lives. she'll ride in a float inspired by research and work to end childhood cancer. nine minutes after 5:00. rain is rolling in philadelphia. see the road parking lot a bit damp this morning. rain is going to be with us for most of the day. lehigh valley getting rain moving into the area. temperatures just below freezing. going to create ice this morning. make for slippery conditions. even see that in camel back mountain. see a mix of snow and sleet and freezing rain even into the mountains. pretty quiet right now. not reached the mountains just yet. just plain rain falling in new jersey and delaware. some of the suburbs with their pockets of cold air in new
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jersey and in the suburbs and in the lehigh valley. this is where you're going to see icing. not widespread icing, but pockets of colder air. just cold enough to create ice this morning. to start with, temperature s climbing. these are the neighbors i'm concerned with now. just above freezing. lees port is borderline just a couple degrees above freezing in redding. some of the neighbors surrounding redding are going to be an issue. and into eastern burke county and lehigh valley. bethlehem, right at freezing mark. now 30 degrees. just below freezing for white hall. temperatures will climb into the 40s. the freezing rain will get out. steady normal plain old rain, that will stay with us this afternoon for philadelphia, the suburbs and lehigh valley. this afternoon, new jersey going
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to be a rainy day. rain falling right now. temperatures starting to creep up by this afternoon. atlantic city, 48 degrees. there are some dry days ahead. colder ones too. look at the ten day on ten when we come back in ten minutes. >> below freezing conditions and the rain moving in, could make it slick for anyone heading back to school or work today. >> let's check in with jessica. 95. seeing a surprising amount of cars on the roads right now. nothing causing any delays. the problem is we're watching. you can see the north and southbound sides. roads are clearly wet. potentially slippery spots there. especially getting on and off the ramp. no big build up or delay yet. not just a 14 minute trip. over in new jersey, watch for a crash that was reported on the eastern township. now this accident is on tom
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planson mill road. new year, new laws and new taxes on the book. next we break down what has changed across pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. also, assuring your 2017 financial health. ahead find out what experts say we should all be doing to make sure we keep more of our money in this new year. and taking the plunge. next we'll take you to jersey shore where dozens of people ushered in the new year this way. very polar fashion.
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rain is moving into the area. see the colored area right at the beginning of the rain. that is icing occurring in the neighbors. at or just below freezing. so freezing rain to start with. may run into some slippery conditions outside. watch untreated roads. watching the roads, jessica bouyguestyington
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boyington. not seeing many problems yet. clearly see the street lights seeing some ponding. more of the trouble spots as they pop up when i come back. the new year means new laws in all three states in our area. >> changing january 14 in pennsylvania. distributors will be able to sell beer in any quantity, including 32 ounce bottles, four packs, six packs. right now only sell cases, 12 packs and kegs. change in the liquor law will allow sporting venues to serve mixed drinks. prices for those surgry drinks will be higher in philadelphia thanks to new called soda tax. kicked in yesterday. some stores raised prices friday.
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money will go towards early education. that triples to $2 million. in the amount of retirement income excluded there state income taxes rise five fold. the minimum wage is rising. 2017 brings major changes to first parents adopted in new jersey. state allow adults who were adopted to know names of birth parents unless the birth parents get names removed from birth certificates. >> moving into delaware brings new laws for pet lovers. dog owners who are 65 years or older get a discount on annual dog license. down $7 from previous $10. >> nice savings for seniors. >> 5:32. get a check on weather.
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>> watching the cameras this morning. seeing a little bit of volume. not too much. little surprised. thought it was going to be less cars out the door. again, we're not seeing any big delays or volume yet. biggest problem that we're seeing is clearly the rain. you can see under the street lights here top of the highway. definitely potential for slippery spots. especially getting on and off the rampb. drive times are still great. out in eastern township in new jersey crash reported on tomlinson mill road. moving through delaware, looks good. at least in terms of drive times. 11 minutes for that trip northbound. 295 couple of minutes ago. nice and clear. at least in terms of opening. should be heading in philadelphia. clear there as well.
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check in with rainy spots and slippery spots when i come back if ten minutes. >> 5:18. 37 degrees. you saw the wet roads in jessica's report. freezing rain an issue this morning. >> definitely. been showing us at the top of each other. bill here with what areas are seeing the slickest conditions is the ill. >> coldest areas not in the city. philadelphia seeing rain. not an issue at all in philadelphia. cape may not an issue either. some neighbors in between and the suburbs in the lehigh valley with temperatures closer to freezing. that's where we're going to find problems first thing this morning. suburbing above freezing. some just below. south jersey. few neighbors in the 40s. not everybody in the 40s. this is where you can still see ice on surfaces that are still cold. these are air temperature which is the air is warming up. the ground is still frozen.
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princeton is at 30 degrees. hope well township, warming up. not going to be an all-day affair. only first thing this morning we're seeing an issue in some neighbors. not in delaware. not in most of south jersey. just too warm for anything other than plain rain. colder areas, that's where we're going to see some slippery conditions this morning. may have to scrape the ice off the car too. matt delucia showed us, delieu shaucia delucia -- won't last all day. temperatures starting to warm up. go into the afternoon. see rain. going be a dreary rain fy day. second day of the year. only going to be rain. no slipping and sliding because
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of ice because it will be long gone. showers taper off. most of the night see rain in new jersey. by early tomorrow morning, taking a break for most locations. maybe a few spots of rain drops, but it's going to be too warm for any icing tomorrow morning. steady rain returns tomorrow afternoon. then drying out. so today and tomorrow need rain drops. right now next couple of hours, look out for the icy spots until 8:00 this morning. then we're good. the temperatures will be warming up. 40s today. stay in the 40s tonight. 50s tomorrow afternoon. then another round of rain comes in. then we dry out on wednesday. cools down on thursday. 37 degrees the high temperature. stays cold enough for friday, saturday, sunday, and into next week. we're looking at temperatures peeking in the 30s. finally back to the 40s starting next tuesday. >> bill, thanks for that update. the jersey shore, water temperature is faros toasty.
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>> new years plunging. take a look at this. shiverry scene. look at those people. they're nuts. y scene. look at those people. they're nuts. event raised money for the campaign for designated drivers which promotes safe and sober driving. a lot of people. >> a lot of them. nbc 10 also in atlantic city. hundreds of people ran into the chilly ocean if for the polar bear plunge. >> i did this one year. >> you're nuts too. >> just that year i was. benefits multiple sclerosis. >> that dip in the sea has raised more than $400,000 dollars for families and wounded members of the military. >> when you did it, did you have
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to stay in the water an amount of time. no, in and out. >> they're doing is same thing. in and out. starting 2017 healthy, wealthy, and wise. next what the experts say we should all be doing to start 2017 on healthy financial ground. also this packed with partiers short time before suddenly collapsed into a pile of rubble.
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it was a close call for party goers in pittsburgh. this collapsed just before a big birthday party that was set to take place. my parents got married here. spaghetti dinner thursday night. bingo is friday night. on the of dances. probably every person in this town has memories of this building. >> contractors believe the joints gave way leading to the collapse there. if you're still adding to list of resolution for 2017. financial experts say you may want to consider a few pocket book res louiss for new year's. paying down debt tops the move you should make. start with all those bills you ran up from the christmas season. recent survey found vast majority of consumers aren't willing to make financial resolutions because they're so optimistic. >> responding to the highest
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it's been in a while are telling us they feel much better about the path forward. >> another survey found saving more and spending less is the top new years resolution. key of course is actually sticking to that plan. strutting into 2017. coming up next at 5:30. show you highlights from this year's mummers parade in philadelphia and which club took home top prices. >> i'm looking. going for the end zone. he's going to touchdown. >> and a win. now normally the eagles beating the cowboys would be big news, but the birds' season is over. where the team goes from here.
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tracking freezing rain. see it here on the radar. risk neighbors can see a slick morning commute. >> breaking overnight. smoke and flames pour through this house. no one was hurt. spend hours trying to put out the fire. >> terror attack survivor. this man from delaware made it out alive after a gunman opened fire inside a turkeyig


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